Property Management Deep Dive Into Yelp.com Reviews

We've partnered with Darnell Holloway, head of Yelp's Business Outreach Team to provide you with a deep dive into Yelp's online reviews in property management. Learn the insider tips to managing a Yelp account and what other property management companies are doing online and what works. This complimentary webinar will provide you with action-oriented information that you can use in your online marketing efforts today.

Register for our free minute webinar on Tuesday, March 26th at / to learn:

  • How to use the response tools available in Yelp.
  • Yelp's policy on protecting business owners from questionable reviews.
  • How to approach critical reviews - what to do and say.
  • Whether or not to utilize private or public responses.
  • And much more!

This event is brought to you by…
AppFolio, providers of web-based property management software, Grace Hill, the leading provider of education for the multifamily industry and Yelp, a local search and reviews online service.