How to maximize your staffing and training results

An executive guide by Jackie Ramstedt and AppFolio

Overcome staffing and training issues for long term success

Property management is no easy task. Each day presents a new challenge that requires your undivided attention. However, your clients are not the only ones whose experience matters. You also have employees to think about. But staffing, training, and retaining quality team members — especially in property management — is easier said than done. 

So how can you fine-tune your staffing and training strategy to save you time and energy?  Download our definitive guide to find out. 

Written in collaboration with multifamily management consultant and performance coach Jackie Ramstedt, it contains lessons from over 20 years of real world experience.

Discover the best ways to:
  • Hire, develop, and engage a strong team
  • Identify inefficiencies and reduce overhead
  • Streamline tasks for more efficient workflows
  • Obtain deep performance insights to accomplish your goals
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