2022 Property Management Industry Pulse

Top challenges and needs in rental housing

Get a pulse on the property management industry in 2022

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In 2021 our co-partnered survey with NAA discovered that HR, staffing, and recruitment comprised the top challenges facing property managers across the industry. Now, in 2022, the tides have changed. Rising inflation, supply chain disruptions, and global conflict have ushered in a new host of challenges that property management companies must confront—with operational efficiency and maximizing revenue topping the list.

We’ve compiled the results of our latest survey into the 2022 property management industry pulse. Here you’ll discover the top challenges affecting businesses across the rental industry, from single-family to multifamily, and the best solutions to address them.

In this report we cover:
  • The top challenges facing property management professionals across the industry
  • The role that seniority and portfolio type play in determining your business’s challenges & needs
  • The value of point solutions and how to effectively integrate your tech stack
  • Technology-driven solutions for increasing operational efficiency and maximizing revenue
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