Rethinking residential real estate: 2023 and beyond

Rethinking residential real estate: 2023 and beyond
Hosted By:
Dror Poleg, Economic Historian and Author

Sean Forster, Lead Product Marketing Manager, AppFolio

Dror Poleg is the author of Rethinking Real Estate, an award-winning book that predicted the current reshuffle of offices, homes, and cities. His insights have been featured in leading publications including The New York Times and Wall Street Journal. He regularly advises multibillion-dollar companies such as UBS, Bank of America, HSBC, BCG, AvalonBay, CBRE, Hines, Cushman & Wakefield, and others.

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Webinar Details
Recorded Date:
December 6, 2022 11:00 AM PT / 2:00 PM ET
1 hour long
Rethinking residential real estate: 2023 and beyond
The past few years have accelerated underlying trends in how people live, work, and play within the built environment. At the same time, technology has democratized access to capital and information, changing the way residents use physical space. Value is shifting away from the assets themselves toward those who understand the needs of specific end users and can use technology to deliver comprehensive, on-demand solutions. With all of these changes, there is an urgent need for operators to think differently about their properties, customers, and competition.

In this webinar, Dror Poleg will share his perspectives based on two decades of experience working across four continents alongside the world’s leading real estate investors. Join us to receive key insights on how to take advantage of emerging opportunities and transform your organization, project, venture, or career.
After attending this webinar, you will:
  • Understand the secular trends that will influence residential real estate in 2023
  • Learn how technology is revolutionizing the way real estate is designed, operated, and valued
  • Gain practical strategies for optimizing your operations in a recessionary environment
  • Recognize innovative technology as a table stakes requirement from which you can think strategically, gain a competitive edge, and grow your business
Who should attend?
Property management and real estate professionals who want to learn more about how technology is revolutionizing every aspect of real estate.