Online Payments

Streamline accounts receivable and payable online, saving time and reducing costs.


Modern renters and owners expect convenient ways to make payments online. With our online portals, payments can be made from anywhere, anytime, and from any device. Similarly, property managers need the flexibility to use online tools to quickly pay owners and vendors—they can choose eCheck or Bill Pay to save time and money, and process payments securely.

Flexible Payments Options:

AppFolio's Integrated Online Payments Platform enables you to:

Collect application fees easily during the lease flow

Facilitate integrated owner contributions

Quickly pay owners, vendors or your property management company

Securely manage online payments

Stay ahead of the competition with modern tools.

With AppFolio's online payments platform, you can securely manage payments 24/7, cut time spent on rent week activities in half, reduce costs associated with paper checks, improve the resident and owner experience, and simplify reconciliation and reporting.

Nikole Hartzell, Controller, Eldon L Auker Associates
Gone are the days of processing big stacks of checks. Our residents are very happy. They love that they can simply input their information, set it, and forget it! Nikole Hartzell, Controller, Eldon L Auker Associates

PAM STEELE   Resident Relationships Manager, Reimer Properties, LLC.