Automated AP

Increase operational efficiency and accuracy by automating your entire accounts payable process.


Manually entering data and scanning invoices can lead to human errors and take up a lot of your team’s time. By automating the accounts payable process, you can increase the speed of invoice processing and catch mistakes early, while scaling your accounts payable to meet your monthly demands.

How Automated AP Works

Securely manage online payments
  1. Your invoices are forwarded to AppFolio via mail or email, where our team receives, scans, and processes all documents
  2. AppFolio creates a bill from the invoice and posts it to your Online Portal
  3. You review and approve or reject the invoice with notes
  4. Invoice flows directly into electronic payment

AppFolio’s Automated AP Enables Your Business to:

Scale processes more
efficiently for growth

Increase accuracy and

Save time and

Improve vendor relationships
and employee satisfaction

Put Your Accounting Operations on Autopilot

With AppFolio’s Automated AP you can streamline your accounting operations, and ensure all of your invoices are accurate and paid on-time. No more manually entering receipts or misplacing vendor payments, Automated AP does all the work for you, so you save time and scale processes more efficiently as your business grows.